Lesson for March 19, 2022


Scripture reading: Luke 1:1-25.

Memory verse: Luke 1:17.  

  1. What message did the angel bring to Zacharias? Luke 1:13-17.
  2. Did Zacharias and Elizabeth keep the commandments of God? Luke 1:6.
  3. When Zacharias asked, “How shall I know this?” – What answer did the angel give him? Luke 1:18-20.
  4. Had any of the former prophets spoken of this great event? Malachi 3:1, compare with Matt. 11:10.

Note. Here we see the prophecy which had been spoken by Malachi almost four hundred years before fulfilled. The fore­runner of the Lord Jesus born, he was to go before the Saviour in the spirit and power of Elijah, to prepare a people for the Lord and to turn the hearts of the fathers unto the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.

  1. After this child was born and named, what happened to the father, and what did they name the child? Luke 1:56-66.
  2. What did Malachi say that John the Baptist would do? Mal. 4:5, 6.
  3. What did Isaiah the prophet, say concerning John the Baptist, over seven hundred years before his birth? Isa. 40:2-8.
  4. Did John the Baptist fulfill this prophecy? Matt. 3:1-4; Luke 3:3-6.
  5. How was he attired, and what did he eat? Matt. 3:4.

Note. We see that John the Baptist was not accepted by the well to do people, but he was poorly clad and also ate what he gathered by himself.

  1. When many who were unworthy came to him to be baptized, what did he tell them? Matt. 3:7-10.

Note: Today many churches are full of just such unrepentant sinners who have been baptized and consider themselves as Christians, yet they have never been born again. They are the type of people who cause trouble among the saints; they back bite, lie, cheat and often withhold the Lord’s money. They retard the advancement of the people of to Lord much in the same way in which the mixed multitude troubled Israel. John commanded them to bring forth fruits meet for repentance before being baptized.

  1. Who also came to be baptized? Matt 3:13-17. How thoroughly will the Lord purge His people? Verse 12.
  2. When Christ disciples asked about the fulfillment of Mal 4:5. 6. What did He tell them? Matt 17:10-13.
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