Lesson for March 30, 2019


Scripture reading: John 17.

Memory verse: John 17:5.

  1. For what did Christ Jesus pray to the Heavenly Father? John 17:1.
  2. What power has been given to Christ by the Father? John 17:2.
  3. What is life eternal? Verse 3.
  4. In what way had Christ glorified the Father? Verse 4.
  5. How did Christ continue to pray to the Father? Verse 5.
  6. What had Christ manifested to the men which His Father had given Him? Verse 6.
  7. What other very important and necessary thing did He bring them from the Father? Verse 8 (first part).
  8. Had they believed and received Him? Verse 8 (last part).
  9. Did He pray alone? Verse 9.
  10. In His prayer to the Father, for them, what did He ask Him to do? Verse 11.
  11. How were His followers kept while He was in the world? Verse 12.
  12. What attitude did the world have towards them? Verse 14.
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