Lesson for March 7, 2020.


Scripture Reading: Psalms 91.

Memory Verse: Daniel 12:1.

  1. Just before the dead are resurrected, what conditions will prevail on the earth? Daniel 12:1,2; Revelation 11:18.
  2. What city will be made burdensome to all nations; against which they will direct their armies during the time of trouble? Zechariah 12:2,3; 14:1-3.
  3. What is especially said about those who are wise in the knowledge of God during the time of the end? Daniel 12:3, 4, 10.
  4. What is further said of God’s watchmen? Isaiah 52:8, 9.
  5. What is said about the chariots (modern means of travel), when the message of God’s preparation is going forth in these last days? Nahum 2:3, 4.
  6. What is prophesied about the troubled condition of the hearts of men, and distress in the nations of the world, just before the coming of the Lord? Luke 21:24-27.
  7. When the time of trouble is threatening throughout the world, what will the nations be doing to try to prevent disaster? Isaiah 8:9,10.
  8. What does the Lord say for His people not to do? Verse 12.
  9. Who are we to look upon for help? Verse 13; Zephaniah 2:3.
  10. What particular message will God’s people be deeply concerned about? Isaiah 8:16.
  11. By what great standard are people of earth to be judged by? Verse 20; Revelation 12:17; 14:12.
  12. What will happen to the unprofitable servant at that time? Matthew 25:30; Luke 12:46.
  13. What will be the condition throughout the earth as Gentile times end? Luke 21:26, 27, 34, 35.
  14. In order for deliverance, what are we commanded to do? Luke 21:36.
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