Lesson for May 2, 2020


Scripture reading: Matthew 7:17-29; James 2:14-26.

Memory verse: James 2: 18.

  1. In what way did Abraham become the friend of God? James 2:23.
  2. In what way did Abraham show faith in God and become a doer? Genesis 26:5.
  3. How did God regard Abraham offering his son Isaac? James 2:21.
  4. What must we do in order to be regarded the just in the sight of God, and be blessed? Luke 11:28.
  5. Who are the people who are regarded the just in the sight of God? Romans 2:13.
  6. What must we do in order to eat of the good of the land? Isaiah 1:19, 20.
  7. Who are the ones who will be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven? Matthew 7:21.
  8. In what way did Christ say that we were to prove our love for Him? John 14:15.
  9. In what condition is the person who has faith without works? James 2;26.
  10. In order to have Christ in us, what should we do? 2 John 1:6.
  11. Is it possible to have God in our hearts if we do not follow the teachings of Christ His Son? 2 John 1:9.
  12. Unto what is a man likened who heareth Christ’s sayings and doeth them? Matthew 7:24, 25.

Note: In order to do the will of our Father in Heaven, we must accept Christ, be born born again, and keep the commandments of God, this is the wisdom of God, thereby showing our love to God.

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