Lesson for May 26, 2018


Scripture reading: Romans 13.

Memory verse: Romans 13:8.

  1. What does the Bible say that sin actually is? 1 John 3:4; Rom. 3:20.
  2. What was Abraham’s relationship to God’s Holy Law? Gen. 26:4, 5.
  3. What did Abraham’s great grandson refuse to do when he was tempted? Gen. 39:7-9.

Note. — We have no record as to when God gave Abraham all these laws, commandments and statues etc. in detail, but the very fact that he kept them is suf­ficient that they were given to him. This is full proof that the law was in existence before it was given at Sinai.

  1. What other expressions show that the law was in existence before Sinai? Ex. 16:4, 22, 23.

Note. Here we see that by refusing to keep the Sabbath day they transgressed the law. You cannot sep­arate the Sabbath from the Ten Commandments.

  1. How do we know that this is the law, that points out sin? Rom. 13:8-10.
  2. How does James magnify this law? James 2:8-9.
  3. How do we stand before God if we offend this law? Verse 10.
  4. In what way does James appeal to our reason on this subject? Verse 11.
  5. Rather than abolishing this law, how does Jesus magnify it? Matt. 5:27, 28; Isa. 42:21.
  6. How does John magnify this same law? John 3:16 18.
  7. Because of the carnal mind, what will the Church of God suffer in the last days? Rom, 8:7; Rev. 12:17.
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