Lesson for May 7, 2022


Scripture reading: Philippians 3.

Memory verse: Philippians 3:14.

  1. What was the standard to which Noah attained in his day? Genesis 6:8.
  2. What standard did God demand of Abraham? Genesis 17:1.
  3. What infers that Enoch had attained perfection? Genesis 5:22-25; Hebrews 11:5.
  4. What does the New Testament say about Zacharias and Elizabeth? Luke 1:5, 6.
  5. On what condition did God promise to establish the throne of David to Solomon? 1 Kings 9:3-5.
  6. What it said of those who have attained perfection? Psalms 37:37.
  7. What instructions were given unto Israel for this attainment? Deuteronomy 18:9-13.
  8. What were said of the nations of Canaan? Deuteronomy 18:14 (first part).
  9. What requirements were made of Israel? Verse 14 (last part). Verse 13.

Note. – The margin renders “perfect” as “upright or sincere”. An upright man is one who is sincere and has no desire to do wrong.

  1. Who did our Lord Jesus set forth as our example of perfection? Matthew 5:48.
  2. What must the rich do in order to attain perfection? Matthew 19:16-21.
  3. How did this wealthy man react to this demand? Verse 22.

Note. — Self is the only obstacle in the way of our goal of perfection. Do we sell all? Some of us treasure malice, envy, wrath, and deceit in our souls and refuse to sell them out in order to buy the pearl of great price, which pearl is Christ and the Kingdom.

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