Lesson for November 4.


Scripture Reading: Romans 9:1-8; John 8:30-44.

Memory Verse: Galatians 3:28.

  1. Does our Heavenly Father have respect of persons? 1 Peter 1:17-19.
  2. Are all of the children of Abraham going to be saved? Romans 9:8.
  3. Through whom and how are the children of the kingdom called? Romans 9:7 (last part); Galatians 3:16.
  4. How do we become heirs of the promise made to Abraham, and thereby receive eternal life? Galatians 3:29.
  5. Will all of the descendants of Abraham through Jacob be saved, or will it just be a remnant? Romans 11:5; Isaiah 10:21,22.
  6. As they are being gathered back to the promised land, Jerusalem, and the surrounding country, will they be sent pastors to teach them the truth? Jeremiah 3:14, 15; Ezekiel 33:6-8,20.
  7. What are we told about the hearts of these pastors? Jeremiah 3:15.
  8. Will the pastors, the Lord sends to Israel when they are gathered back, be successful in teaching them so that many will receive a new heart and a new spirit? Ezekiel 36:24-26.

NOTE:  It is well to remember that men, possessed with the Holy Spirit, went forth to the Gentile nations, carrying the gospel, and the hearts of millions have been changed from their blinded idolatry to serve and worship the Lord. His Work is the same today and with Israel. It is going forth through the Bible, the Word of God, accompanied by His Spirit within consecrated servants, of His choosing— without respect of person, race or color. Rev.  22:16, 17.

  1. In the day when the Lord cleanseth many of their hearts and puts within them His Spirit, what is said about building the desolate cities and fencing them? Ezekiel 36:33-35.
  2. What effect will the future events pertaining to Israel also have in opening the eyes of the Gentiles all over the world? Ezekiel 38:14-16, 23.

NOTE:  This does not mean that the Gentile nations will be saved anymore than is does the Jews, just because they are made to realize there is a God who still ruleth the world. There is to be a message of warning to both, to all nations, a finished work of grace, before the climax comes. Romans 11:12.

  1. Why were the Jews cut off, and when is blindness to pass from them? Romans 11:20-25.
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