Lesson for October 10, 2020


Scripture reading: Luke 22:54-62.

Memory verse: 2 Cor. 7:10.

Satan “desired to have Simon” (Peter) according to the words of the Lord Jesus. No doubt Satan set upon Peter because he knew that he could do much harm to the true cause if he could win him.

  1. Was the temptation of Peter foretold by Jesus? Luke 22:31.
  2. What great weapon did our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ use against this evil scheme? Verse 32.

Note. — After Peter became converted, he was to strengthen the brethren.

  1. What harassing experience came before Peter repented and became a new person? Verses 54-62.

Note. — The devil did not hold Peter captive long. When Peter saw the expression in the eyes of Jesus and remembered His words of warning, he became heart-broken and rushed into the darkness to cry it out alone with his God.

  1. What question did Jesus later ask of Peter three times? John 21:15-17.

Note. Peter’s attitude towards this repeated Question shows that he was truly a changed man. He no doubt was more than a little perturbed, but instead of showing anger he showed grief that the Lord had to make it so strong. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is expecting of us just what He did of Peter, viz; to show by action instead of words that we love Him.

  1. Wherein did he show the power received from his whole­hearted conversion? Acts 2:38-41.

Note. Peter had been following the Lord Jesus (he thought) and working for Him for about three years before he was truly converted. It has been the same in the cases of others and still is today. Let us examine ourselves and make sure that we are out and out penitent before Him. Peter could never have preached this sermon at Pentecost if he had not found the Lord on that eventful night.

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