Lesson for October 17, 2020


Scriptural Reading: Rom 10: 1-21

Memory Verse: Rom 11:33

  1. Without Christ how do we appear before the Lord? Rom: 3:10, Isa 64:6
  2. What is the source of righteousness? Rom 3:10, 20-26
  3. Spiritually speaking, what change is possible in our relation to God? Zec 3:3,4, Isa 61:10
  4. What fruit should such a change produce? Gal 5:22,23
  5. Who alone made it possible for us to be justified in God’s sight? 2 Cor 5:20,21.
  6. What plea does the apostle Paul make of his readers. II Cor 6:1-4.
  7. How can Paul’s desire be fulfilled in us? Mat 6:33.

Note. Many today have reversed this order and are placing all their hopes and faith in the accumulating of worldly goods, to succor them in the hour of need.  There are many distresses over which money has no control and is of little value.

  1. Is success assured? By whose word? Luke 9.10; Rom 8:31.
  2. To illustrate the power of the gospel. What, illustration does Paul give? Rom 11:17.
  3. How great should our longing for righteousness be? Matt 5:6.
  4. What was David’s testimony? Psa 42:1,2
  5. In the race for eternal life, how must we regard temporal things? Phi 3:7-9.
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