Lesson for October 22, 2016.


Scripture Reading: John 1:29-41.

Memory Verse: John 13:13.

  1. For what important purpose was Christ Jesus sent into the world? Mark 10:45.
  2. Who alone was qualified as a substitute for every sinner? John 1:29.
  3. What eternal truth did Jesus express in behalf of every child? Matthew 18:14.
  4. What did Jesus say of Himself? John 13:13.
  5. What comes to everyone of us who has lived in this present world? John 1:9.
  6. Before Christ ascended what did He command His followers to do? Matthew 28:19.
  7. What will His followers teach? Matthew 28:20.

NOTE: The Bible alone is to be our guide and rule in all that we teach. True Christians will be careful not to add anything to their belief which is not found to have been the teaching or practice of Jesus. Once this truth is established, our way becomes clear.

  1. How will we walk if we fully believe and put our trust in Jesus? 1 John 2:6.
  2. How will our belief in Jesus be known? Romans 6:17,18; Ephesians 2:10.
  3. What proof does James use to show that “faith” brings forth “works”? James 2:18, 20-23.


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