Lesson for September 8, 2018


Scripture reading: Luke 21:24-36.

Memory verse: Luke 21:36.

  1. How long were the Jewish people to be scattered in all parts of the world with Jerusalem trodden down by the gentiles? Luke 21:24.
  2. What relation was the gospel of the kingdom to have, to the end of the age? Matt. 24:14.
  3. While the Jews were scattered among all nations, were the gentiles to be blessed with the gospel news of this coming kingdom? Matt. 24:14.
  4. As this gospel draws to a close for the gentiles, and the Jews being gathered back to their homeland, what conditions are we told will exist in the earth? Luke 21:25.
  5. What is said about people being fearful of the things which are; coming to pass? Verse 26.
  6. What is the last conditions mentioned, relative to the heavens before the Lord Jesus is seen coming in the clouds? Last part of verses 26, 27.

Note. Men’s hearts are now failing for fear, of pending destruction by the atomic and hydrogen bombs. The energy is becoming a very serious problem, with many other alarming events happening, which all adds to the confusion which will exist in the last days.

  1. Will the remnant people be gloomy and sorrowful when these things are taking place in the earth? V. 28.
  2. What simple illustration did Jesus use? V. 29-31.
  3. Will the generation of people living to see the return of the Jews from exile among the gentiles, and the distress of nations accompanying it, live to see the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Verse 32.
  4. Is there any way in which we can calculate the number of years in one generation? Matt. 1:17.

Note. It was 1,890 years before Christ when Abram’s name was changed to Abraham, and the covenant made with him. We are told that there are 42 generations in this entire period, hence it makes 45 years to one generation. It is significant to note that this is the same as the “waiting time” given by Gabriel to Daniel (Daniel 12:12), when Daniel was to be resurrected. How wonderful to know that we are so near the time when the Lord Jesus will return.

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