Lesson for September 1, 2018


Scripture reading: Acts 2:1-33.

Memory verse: Acts 2:46-47.

  1. After Christ was resurrected and before He ascended to heaven, for what did He tell His disciples to wait? Acts 1:4.
  2. What was this promise that He said they would receive? Verse 5.
  3. With what were the disciples filled when the promise of the Heavenly Father came upon them? Acts 2:4.
  4. As a result of the Almighty power through the Holy Ghost, what wonderful thing happened? Acts 2:41.
  5. In what condition were the disciples of Christ when Pentecost came and the Holy Spirit was given? Acts 2:1.
  6. Did they cause division and separation from each other at this time? Verses 42-46.
  7. What other wonderful works were performed? Acts 3:1-8.
  8. What effect did the miracles which were performed, and the preaching of the apostles, have upon those who witnessed them? Acts 4:4.
  9. After the apostles had been persecuted and threatened by the elders and chief priests, what did they do? Acts 4:33.
  10. What did the whole company do? Verses 24-30.
  11. What was the result of their united prayer? V. 31.
  12. What is said of the condition of the multitude at this time? Verse 32.
  13. What was the result of this oneness of accord? Verse 33.

Note. When the Holy Spirit power from heaven fell upon the people they were all of one accord. Acts 2:1. Because miracles were performed and mighty works were done through some of the apostles, the others did not become jealous and cause division, but they still remained with one accord. — Acts 2:46, 4:24, 32. Unity and oneness among the children of God is one of the secrets of His power.