1.    What is the first commandment which contains a promise?

“Honor thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise,” Ephesians 6:2.

2.    What is the promise connected with that commandment?

“Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee,” Exodus 20:12.

3.    What promise is made to children if they will hearken to the Lord?

“Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the Lord,” Psalm 34:11.

4.    What is the fear of the Lord?

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do His commandments,” Psalm 111:10.

5.    How is a wise child even though poor, regarded by the Lord?

“Better is a poor and a wise child, than and old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished,” Ecclesiastes 4:13.

6.    What tender words did the Savior speak in behalf of children?

“Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven,” Matthew 19:14.

7.    What did He do to the children to show that He loved them?

“And He took them up in His arms, put His hands upon them, and blessed them,” Mark 10:16.

8.    How may all receive the Lord’s blessings now?

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive,” Matthew 21:22.

9.    If children do this, and as they grow older, keep all of God’s commandments, what is promised?

“Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city,” Revelations 22:14.

The day is fast approaching,

The time is drawing near,

When the King of kings in righteousness

And glory shall appear.

John saw the holy city,

Descending from the throne,

Prepared by Christ the Savior,

To take His loved ones home.

Oh may we all be ready

With our wedding garments on,

And shout the loud hosanna,

When Christ our Lord shall come.

_ Mrs. Lavina Leach

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