Lesson for May 18, 2019


Scripture reading: Matthew 25:14-30.

Memory verse: John 15:2.

  1. What was Christ’s reason for coming down to earth? Luke 19:10.
  2. What did Peter say about the Lord’s mission? 1 Peter 2:21.
  3. With what loving words are we told to follow His example? Matt. 16:24-26.
  4. Is there a great reward for being a faithful steward? V. 27.

Note. — There are more ways-of giving one’s life than giving it in death as a martyr. One can also lose his life in service for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. What is the Bible definition of a tithe? Lev. 27:30-32.
  2. To whom does the tithe belong? Verse 30.
  3. What are we in the Lord’s sight if we fail to pay that which is due Him? Mal. 3:8.
  4. What will be the terrible punishment which will come upon the unprofitable servant? Matt. 25:30.

Note. — Therefore it is very important to live close to the Lord in prayer in order to be sure of paying tithes where they will be profitable to Him and the true cause for which the Lord Jesus died. There are many deceivers and false teachers who we would not want to support. Matt. 24:24; 2 Tim. 3:13.

  1. What are some outstanding examples in the Old Testament of tithe paying? Gen. 14:18-20; Gen. 28:20-22.
  2. Did Christ sanction tithe paying? Matt. 23:23; 22:15-21.
  3. Are offerings also required of us? Mal. 3:8, last part.

Note. — We actually do not give the Lord anything in paying tithes, for the tenth of our income is His. He says it belongs to Him. He created the heavens and the earth. Naturally the earth and all that which is on it belongs to Him. See Psalms 24:1 and 50:10. He upholds and sustains it. Heb. 1:3.

  1. The tithe which is holy unto the Lord actually provides us with another pair of feet to go forth with the gospel of salvation as our Savior would do if He were actually here on earth again as a man. It gives us a part in preaching the message of salvation unto all the world, to which work He has called every person baptized and redeemed from the world.
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