Lesson for December 24, 2022.


Scripture reading: Luke 21st Chapter.

Memory verse: Luke 21:15.

  1. How long were the Jews to be scattered among all nations? Luke 21:24.
  2. What would this diminishing of the Jews bring to the Gentiles? Romans 11:12.
  3. How long was this blindness to be over the eyes of Judah? Romans 11:25.
  4. During this time of dispersement of Judah, what is said of all Gentile nations? Matthew 24:14.
  5. To whom are the promises made? Galatians 3:16. And how are the Gentiles partakers? Romans 11:24.
  6. The diminishing of the Jews brought riches to the Gentiles, what will the receiving of them bring? Verse 15.
  7. How extensive will the regathering of Judah be, before these blessings come? Isaiah 11:11,12.

Note. This is the second time that these people have been gathered back to their homeland. The first time they were gathered in from Babylon, but now it is from the four corners of the earth. At this present time there are Jews who come from 74 different nations.

  • When God has indeed completed the gathering of the Jews from all nations, will their hearts be changed? Ezekiel 36: 24-26.
  • To which land are they to be gathered and is God doing this for their sake? Verses 28:32.
  • How will this blindness be taken away? Jeremiah 23:3,4; 3:14,15.

Note. The blind eyes of the Gentiles were opened to messengers of light sent to all nations, likewise shepherds and Pastors are to teach Israel the true light, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

  1. After this gathering is completed what will the Gentile nations do? Joel 3:1; 9-12.
  2. What will be the final outcome of these events? Joel 3:2, 16-21.
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