Lesson for December 5, 2020


Scripture Reading Psalms 19

Memory Verse Isaiah 40:31

  1. How are we admonished to run this race? Heb12: 1, last part.
  2. In running, what two things should we lay aside? Verse1 middle part.
  3. How is the number of our witness described? Verse 1, first part.
  4. To whom should we look while running in this race? Verse 2, first part.
  5. What was Solomon’s and Paul’s observation concerning those who run in this race? Eccl.9:11, first part, Roman 9:16
  6. How is the glory of God, as revealed in the heavenly planets, described? Psa. 19:1-3
  7. To what extent is this glory extended? Verses 4,6
  8. How is their going compared with him who runs in a race? Verses 5.

Note: – This race is not for the swift, nor is the battle for the strong. Yet King David indicates that it takes a strong man to run a race. Eccl. 9:11 represent those who make sporadic effort in the beginning of their race and quickly fail under tests, while Romans 19:16 represents those who realize their nothingness and seek strength daily in the altar of prayer to endure.

  1. What important question did Paul ask the Corinthians about racing? 1 Cor. 9:24. First part.
  2. How were they admonished to run? Verse 24, last part.

Note. – There will be no 2nd, 3rd nor consolation prizes at the end of this race. All who will receive eternal life must be overcomers.

  1. What is required of those who would win in this race? Verse 25
  2. How did Paul run and fight in order to win in this race? verse 26
  3. What is said to those who wait on the Lord? Isaiah 40:31
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