Lesson for January 22, 2022


Scripture reading; Exodus 4:13-31.

Memory verse: Exodus 4:11.

  1. What did the Lord say concerning Him and His children? Isaiah 8:18.
  2. When God called Moses, of what was he afraid? Exodus 4:1.
  3. How did God show Moses that He would be with him? Exodus 4:2, 3.
  4. What further was he told to do? Verse 4.
  5. What was the reason for God doing this? Verse 5.
  6. What other miracles were performed? Verses 6, 7.
  7. What assurance did God give Moses? Verse 8.
  8. But in case they wouldn’t believe, what would He further do? Verse 9.
  9. What further excuse did Moses make? Verse 10.
  10. What was God’s reply to Moses? Verses 11, 12.
  11. Was the Lord pleased with Moses’s reply? Verse 13-17.
  12. What was the final result of this plan? Verses 29-31.

Note. We observe from the Scriptures, and from practical experience, that those who are most qualified for the work of the Lord, are the ones who are the most reticent to accept the call for the service, while many who are unqualified always crave to be called. God can better use a humble man who thinks he is unqualified. Such a one, when convinced to go, will de­pend solely upon God, as what to do, what to say, and where to go. This gives God the opportunity to use such a one to His glory.

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