Lesson for January 26, 2019


Scripture reading: Isaiah 54:4-17.

Memory verse: Psalms 103:17.

  1. When the priests’ feet touched the water, what happened to the river Jordan? Joshua 3:15, 16.
  2. Where were the priests while the children of Israel passed over the Jordan river? Verse 17.
  3. What were the twelve men, one of each tribe, commanded to do? Joshua 4:5.
  4. What were the stones to represent and what were the children of Israel commanded to do with them? Verse 6-8.
  5. Where did Joshua finally place the stones? Verse 9.
  6. How did the children of Israel pass over Jordan? Verse 10.
  7. When and how did the ark of the Lord, and the priests, pass over Jordan? Verse 11.
  8. What did Joshua say that all the people of the earth might know? Verse 24.
  9. How were the three Hebrew children delivered from the fiery furnace? Daniel 3:24-27.
  10. In what way were the lion’s mouths shut, that they could not destroy God’s faithful servant, Daniel? Daniel 6:16, 19-23.
  11. In what miraculous way were Paul and Silas delivered from prison? Acts 16:25, 26.

Note: What a wonderful, loving, all-powerful Heavenly Father we are privileged to serve and depend upon for our very existence! He is not willing that any should perish, but all should come to Him and be saved. Let us strive to know and to do His will and help others to come to the light of the gospel of Christ and its fullness, and be saved.

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