Lesson For June 29, 2019


Scripture reading: Psalms 103.

Memory verse: 3 John 2.

  1. What was God’s original plan for man? Gen. 1:26-28; Psa. 8:4-8.
  2. Under the present order, what do the rich do? James 5:1-3.
  3. How do they manage to amass all this wealth? Verse 4, first part.
  4. How do they live? Verse 5.
  5. Though this is so, what is the privilege of the Saints of the most high? 3 John 2.
  6. By what does the Heavenly Father gauge the supply of our needs? Phil. 4:19.
  7. How much of the riches of this world does the Heavenly Father own? Psa. 24:1, 50:10-12; Hag. 2:8.
  8. What testimony has David given of his experience? Psa. 103:1-3.
  9. What conversation infers that it is just as easy to be healed as it is to be saved? Matt. 10:7-10.
  10. What two-fold ministry was given to the Disciples by the Lord Jesus Christ? Matt. 10:1, 7, 8.
  11. What other references show that healing and forgiveness of sins go hand in hand? James 5:13-16.
  12. If we have this three-fold property now, what may we expect later? Micah 4:8.
  13. How does Jesus the Son of God Himself confirm this promise? Luke 12:32.

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