Lesson for March 21, 2020.


Scripture reading: Hebrews 4:1-16.

Memory verse: Jer. 17:21-22.

  1. Can we tell what day is the Sabbath? Matt. 28:1.
  2. Did Moses know what day was the Sabbath before it was given on Mt. Sinai? Exod. 16:23-25.
  3. How long was the Sabbath day to be kept? Exod 31:16, 17.

Note: Perpetual means unending; no end to it.

  1. Will the Sabbath day be kept in the Millenium reign of the Saviour? Isa. 66:23.
  2. What is the sign to the people to prove they are sanctified (set apart)? Ezek. 20:12, 20; Exod. 31:13, 14.
  3. What did the Saviour say in regard to the Sabbath? Was it just for the Jews, or for all men? Mark 2:27.
  4. Did the Saviour have respect for the Sabbath day? Matt. 24:20; Luke 4:16-18.

Note: Jerusalem was destroyed in the year 70A.D., and He did not want their flight to be on that day.

  1. Did the holy women keep the Sabbath day after the Saviour was put in the grave? Luke 23:55-56.
  2. Did Paul keep the Sabbath day, and did he say it still remained? Acts 13:42-44, 16:13-15, 18:1-4; Hebrews 4:9.
  3. Were people put to death for working on the Sabbath? Numbers 15:32-36.

Note: The Sabbath is still sacred and binding today just as it always was, and it is an act of disobedience to desecrate it. Six days are given to us for our work, but the Sabbath belongs to the Lord, and is not our property. We have no right to covet it, or to steal it, and use it for our own labour and business.

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