Lesson for May 5, 2018 


Scripture reading: Acts 14:11-23.

Memory verse: Exodus 20:5. 

  1. Is the Lord our God a jealous God? Ex. 20:3-5.
  2. What did the Lord God forbid his people to make unto themselves Ex. 20:23; Lev. 26:1; Deut. 4:15-18, 23-24.
  3. When Israel disobeyed this commandment shortly after leaving Egypt how many of them did God con­sume in one day? Exodus 32:28, 19-21.
  4. What did the Lord our God command His people they were to inherit the Land promised unto their fathers? Numbers 33:51-52.
  5. Was Israel obedient in this? Ezekiel 23:12-16.
  6. At the time of the prophet Ezekiel did the children of Israel worship images and idols? Was this an abo­mination in the sight of the Lord? Ezekiel 8:5, 10.
  7. On what will the Lord show His displeasure when He comes? Isa. 2:12, 16.
  8. What was John told when he bowed himself down to worship an angel? Rev. 19:10, 22:8-9.
  9. Whom did Jesus say that we should worship? John 4:23-24.
  10. Who were the angels asked to worship? Heb. 1:6.


Note. — We must worship the Father and the Son, but we are forbidden to worship or pray to angels or any of the host of heaven.


  1. What are we particularly warned to flee from by the great apostle Paul? 1 Cor. 10:14.


Note. — Again and again we are warned in the New Testament as well as in the Old against idolatry. The dictionary has this to say: Idolater, an adorer of images, one who is inordinately fond of some person or thing. Image, a visible representation of something, a statue, picture, idol, etc. Too bad that there are so many people who worship images (pictures) of Jesus, and Mary His mother or angels, or even saints or someone who has died. Surely this is idolatry and is forbidden.


  1. What did Paul and Barnabas do when people gathered together to worship them? Acts 14:11-18.
  2. Where will all the idolaters have their part? Rev. 21:8.
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