Lesson for November 17, 2018


Scripture reading: Luke 13:23-30.

Memory verse: Luke 13:23-24.

  1. What question did the disciple ask Jesus on one occasion? Luke 13:23.
  2. What was His answer? Luke 13:24; Matt. 7:13, 14.
  3. How does Jesus speak of the days of Noah in connection with His coming? Matt. 24:37.
  4. What was the condition in the days of Noah and how did God feel about it? Gen. 6:5, 7.
  5. Were the majority saved? Gen. 7:7.

Note. — This made a total of eight souls that were saved during the flood. Although Noah was a preacher, of righteousness for years and years, he was unable to make the people see the coming destruction which would take them all away unless they would turn to God. Christ likens His second coming to the days of Noah, and believing His words to be true, we cannot expect the majority to turn from their wicked ways. However, we must continue to send the gospel out even as Noah did.

  1. How many were saved out of the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah? Gen. 19:15.
  2. What happened to Lot’s, wife? What are we admonished to remember? Gen. 19:26; Luke 17:32.
  3. What promise does Christ make to the few? Luke 12:32.
  4. What does Christ say concerning the ones who will enter the Kingdom of God? Matt. 7:21.
  5. Will there be many pleading for admittance into the Kingdom? Matt. 7:22.
  6. What will happen to the class of His servants who are unprofitable in finishing the work? Matt. 25:30.
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