Lesson for November 25, 2023


Scripture reading: Psalms 89:1-37.

Memory verse: Revelation 22:16.

  1. From what tribe of Israel was David? Matthew 1:3-6.
  2. Who anointed him king over Israel? 1 Samuel 16:13; Psalms 89:20.
  3. Because of his faithfulness, what did the Lord promise him? 2 Samuel 7:8, 12-16.
  4. What is written in the Psalms about this covenant? Psalms 89:3,4,27,29.
  5. If his descendants sin what will be the results? Psalm 89:30-32.
  6. Will this cause the good Lord to break His covenant? Psalms 89:33-34.
  7. How long will this covenant with David continue? Psalms 89:35-37.
  8. Will he ever want a son to sit on his throne? Jer. 33:21
  9. How sure is this covenant? Jer. 33:19-22.

Note. The Sun, Moon and stars are still in the firmament, so must David’s seed always be on the throne.

  1. What descendants of David shall finally sit on his throne? Matthew 1:1; Isaiah 9:6, 7.
  2. How long will His reign continue? Luke 1:31-33.
  3. Into what reign will His kingdom finally blend? 1 Co. 15:24; Zec. 14:9.
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